How do interest rate top-ups work?


How does it work for our customers?

  • We help our customers discover hand-picked Fintech products that can help them achieve their financial goals, whether it is building up savings, managing spending, sorting out protection or investing
  • Our customer can ignore our suggestions, explore them further or even sign up to their preferred ones; all on our app
  • The more they engage with our marketplace, the higher the interest top-up on their savings account.  They don’t need to put money into riskier investments to benefit from these top-ups

Below are examples of the top-ups customers can typically expect:

  • Up to 0.30% AER top-up by simply spending time exploring our recommendations (about 20 minutes / month on the app to reach the maximum)
  • Between 0.10% and 0.50% top-up each time they subscribe to a product on our platform (depending on the product)
  • A total of 0.51% on average since our launch

How do we pull this off?

  • Only the best products in their category, with proven value, rave customer reviews and trusted by world-class investors, make it to our platform
  • We make money when our customers subscribe to one of the products on our marketplace. Then, we simply share this income with our customers in the form of interest top-ups.
  • We are able to offer top-ups for merely spending time on our app because we have evidence that our customers tend to subscribe to the products on our marketplace when they invest a little time to discover them. They are that good vs. traditional financial products!

You can also read our FAQs for further information.

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