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Earn 30% more than the best rates available on comparison websites thanks to our partner banks and our innovative features (see how much interest you can earn)

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Financial Services Compensation Scheme100% Guaranteed

1-year fixed-term
rate of 2.61% (AER)
Financial Services Compensation Scheme100% Guaranteed

See how much interest you can earn.

How it works

Get the best rates from our partner banks in less than 5 minutes

  • After signing up to Numeos, open the savings account of your choice with our suggested partner banks. The savings account will be held in your own name
  • We guarantee that you will always get the best interest rates available on money comparison websites
  • Your money is 100% protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) as all our partners are UK-based banks covered by FSCS, and we never invest more £85,000 in any one bank

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and many more…
Find out how Fintechs can help achieve your financial goals ... while boosting your interest rate

  • Spend time on the Numeos app finding out how Financial Technology (Fintech) can help achieve your financial goals.
  • We have hand-picked the best offerings in the UK and we are sure you will love the vast range of innovative offerings as much as we do
  • You can ignore our suggestions, explore them further or even sign up to your preferred ones.
  • The more you engage with our marketplace, the higher the interest rate top-up on your savings account (check details here)

and many more…
Enjoy a time-saving & empowering user experience

  • Never waste time switching accounts again. We will automatically suggest the best available options when your fixed-term savings account nears its maturity date
  • Link all your fixed-term savings accounts with Numeos, including the ones with your current providers, to boost your returns (coming soon)
  • Get the most out of your cash savings without the hassle, so you can focus on what matters most to you. Check here how we intend to do it (coming soon)

It’s as secure as a bank.

100% guaranteed deposits

Your deposits are fully guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) every step of the way, meaning you are always protected.

Bank-level IT security

We use advanced SSL encryption and security practices that are on par with those used by the world’s leading banks. Your banking credentials are never stored on our servers and all sensitive data is encrypted.

Regulatory Oversight

Numeos is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an open-banking payment institution.

Why do people love Numeos?

  • "I love it because it's tailored to me and my exact needs, and potentially my changing needs as well"
    — Mike, 45
  • “It's very new, and it's kind of like having an independent financial adviser doing it for you”
    — Daniel, 33
  • “I think it's a really exciting product. I would be willing to invest my savings… a call centre in the UK is something really, really important - I love the idea.”
    — Cheryl, 38
  • “I think it’s a great product, it gives back the consumer flexibility to a savings account. They are trying to do something the banks have not already done themselves”
    — Matt, 37
  • “We have done 5 year terms when the kids were younger... But I don’t think we could commit now to that kind of long term unless we could dip into it”
    — Adele, 56

(Source: Market Testing 10/2017)

100% Guaranteed